Local & Transnational M&A

Although M&A is a mode of corporate restructuring and thus forms part of corporate litigation only, but it involves technical issues relating to Company Law, Capital issues and Taxation etc. Considering these technicalities, VLS has created a separate team of professionals comprising advocates, taxation Consultants to handle local and transnational M&A matters including:

  • Complete guidance, drafting, documentation and litigation in relation to amalgamation, merger, de-merger, acquisition and takeover.
  • Complete due diligence of overall financial and legal structure of companies involved.
  • Preparation of strategy to effectuate the proposed amalgamation, merger, de-merger, acquisition and takeover (as the case may be) in an efficient, time saving and cost effective manner.
  • Follow up with the office of Registrar of Companies and Regional Director of the relevant jurisdictions for their approval and compliances, for the purpose of proposed arrangement.
  • Preparation of the documents relating to arrangement such as-
  • Scheme of amalgamation / de-merger.
  • Supportive documents such as No-objection certificate from members secured/unsecured creditors, Board resolutions, affidavits, applications etc.
  • Appearing before the Jurisdictional Hon’ble High Court, Registrar of Companies, Regional Director or any other authority.