Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing – Research to Drafting

Our Legal Process Outsourcing division, comprising of qualified legal professionals, thorough with legal systems of various countries, particularly US & UK and international trade. well versed with the use of West Law, Lexis-Nexis, Find Law and other online database. Our LPO team combines personal approach with sophisticated communication and information technologies, language translation services etc. to ensure prompt, efficient & dedicated pursuit of a successful solution to legal matters:

  • Drafting, Legal research and Legal Transcription..
  • Preparation of case brief.
  • Digital Litigation management.
  • Arrangement of legal documents by abstracting key fields, page-by-page review and creation of database through Indexing and Coding
  • Coding for Discovery
  • Objective / Bibliographic Coding.
  • Comprehensive coding including the Subjective / In-text Coding.